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Exam Guidelines

The DQA will finish writing the Examination Guidelines and Policy and publish it in Jan 2019. Some important notes about the Examinations:

1-All Exam Question Models should be written clearly and typed as hard copy on white sheets.
 2-All Exam details, i.e., title of the Exam, course tittle, course code, exam time, exam date, total marks, Faculty and Department should be written on the header of the Question Model sheet.
 3-The Students have the right to keep their question model copy with them after the exam. Any comment on the Question Model sheet asking to return them back is prohibited.
4-It is prohibited for the tutor (course teacher) to be at the exam hall for any reason.
5-It is prohibited to give the student extra sheets for draft calculations or other purposes during the Exam.
6-It is not allowed for the invigulator to explain or translate the Exam questions for any reason.
7-It is the responsibility of the tutor (course teacher) in case of unclear question or a question with mistakes.
 8-Course materials, i.e., books, lecture notes, course sheets, should not be brought by the students inside the Exam Hall.
9-All students mobile phones should be switched off and collected by the invigilator.