Full name: Bawar Mohammed Faraj
Gender: Male
Phone Number: 07500866748
Certificate type : Master , in : Computer Science ,in :Iraq
Academic title: Assistant Lecturer
College: Science
Department: Computer
Date of starting teaching: 2018-10-02
Number of years experience: 5
Administration Position: Member , from :Pedagogy Center and Training Course
Working type of UOH: Fulltime
Date of birthday: 1995-02-11

Teaching Philosophy: My teaching philosophy is rooted in a student-centered approach, reflecting my deep commitment to fostering an environment where learners are actively engaged, empowered, and inspired. I believe in recognizing and respecting the unique strengths, backgrounds, and learning styles of each student, tailoring my instructional methods to cater to their individual needs. By prioritizing collaboration, critical thinking, and experiential learning, I aim to cultivate a classroom atmosphere that encourages curiosity and a genuine passion for knowledge. In this student-centered paradigm, my role as an educator extends beyond imparting information; I strive to guide and support students on their educational journey, fostering their intellectual growth, independence, and a lifelong love for learning. Ultimately, I aspire to equip my students not only with academic proficiency but also with the skills and mindset necessary for success in a rapidly evolving world.