Full name: Ranjdar Mohammed Azeez Shahab
Gender: Male
Phone Number: 07701571705
Certificate type : PhD , in : School of History, politics and international relations ,in :United Kingdom
Academic title: Lecturer
College: Human Sciences
Department: History
Date of starting teaching: 2010-01-21
Number of years experience: 10
Administration Position: , from :
Working type of UOH: Fulltime
Date of birthday: 1981-06-10

Teaching Philosophy: Studying a modern and temporary history subject involves both student and teacher, interacting conversations about historical events created by the actions .My role as the teacher is to enable students to obtain a historical context through which they can understand the motivations behind the decisions made by historical figures, critically evaluate those motivations. Initially, I try to introduce students to basic goals in studding history and encourage them to engage in evaluating a past action, to find the consequences and relevance of this with their present lives. So, my aim is that the learners should understand that study of history is a creative process based upon the analysis of historical evidences and discussions which provided by historians. My focus is to start discussion amongst studding both individually and in group about a topic through utilizing those modern methods which appropriate to put learners in the center of learning approach. To conduct this, I allow students to express their opinions equally without restriction, in order to reflect their arguments on the central points of the class session and to share their knowledge with each other. I mostly guide students to have a variety of scientific activities, such as writing a short historical paper, independent research project, doing seminars, outdoor activities, such taking them into the historical places and so on. I am very keen in supporting students to find the necessary information, and how to evaluate that information, by recommending them a number of the relevant references that could be found in the libraries, Archives and online sources. In order to pursuing learning, I will always do my best to providing a learning environment in the class that is exciting students. This, indeed, allow students to raise the subject issue in the way that they are most interested. All of above activities will be useful to improve the quality of my teaching skills in which it meets the standard requirements of Teaching Quality Assurance.