Full name: Renas Wali Mustafa Ismail
Gender: Female
Phone Number: 009647511919147
Certificate type : Master , in : School of Life Science, Chemistry Department ,in :United Kingdom (UK)
Academic title: Assistant Lecturer
College: Basic Education
Department: General Science
Date of starting teaching: 2011-04-10
Number of years experience: 7
Administration Position: لێپرسراوی تاقیگە , from :زانکۆی هەڵەبجە-کۆلێچی پەروەردەی بنەرەت-بەشی زانستە گشتیەکان
Working type of UOH: Fulltime
Date of birthday: 1988-11-09

Teaching Philosophy: My philosophy in teaching: I believe that my task as a teacher is to facilitate the progress of the students to the maximum through the following methods: Providing the lectures to the students on time, explaining subjects in the classroom and participating the students to share their understanding in order to give the students the chance of being the center of learning through their academic year. Checking the understanding of the students through doing quiz and assignments,in addition to presenting seminar during the year by the different groups of the students. Making a long term connection with the students and sharing information about their interest and their goals in their academic life in order to find a way to achieve their target either in Halabja University or outside the university. Students are motivated to apply for the international programs or exchange programs in order to expand their skills and knowledge and gain experience not only in Physics but also in other aspects of life.