Full name: Luqman Fatah Ahmad
Gender: Male
Phone Number: 07501740864
Certificate type : Master , in : Master ,in :Iraq
Academic title: Lecturer
College: Basic Education
Department: Arabic Language
Date of starting teaching: 2005-11-16
Number of years experience: 17
Administration Position: لێپرسراوی هۆبەی دڵنیایی جۆری کۆلێجی پەروەردەی بنەڕەت , from :سەرۆکایەتی زانکۆی هەڵەبجە
Working type of UOH: Fulltime
Date of birthday: 1972-12-26

Teaching Philosophy: Hours are best spent in it, and years and efforts have been spent in useful science, and the learning process continues with the human throughout his life as he learns new strategies, new ideas and new philosophies.